11th International Conference on Industrial Tribology (ICIT)

Theme : "Tribology for Energy, Environment and Society"

12-14 December 2022 | New Delhi, India

Notices: (Last Updated on 07 January 2023)

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Tribology is defined as the science and technology of interacting surfaces. It involves friction, wear, lubrication and many other surface related phenomena. Although the tribological problems and solutions have been the subject of human endeavor since the antiquity, the word tribology was first mentioned in a UK Government report in 1966 under the chairmanship of (Late) H Peter Jost. Many studies since then have clearly shown that there are huge economic losses incurred globally because of issues related to tribology. It is estimated that about 1.4 % of the gross national product (GNP) of industrialized nations could be saved by paying attention to the losses due to tribology and providing appropriate solutions. There will be even greater savings in the global energy and materials if friction in machines can be minimized and controlled. Together, it will reduce the carbon footprint and save the global environment.

With the aim of addressing the issues of tribological problems and their solutions, the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (India) is organizing the international conference IndiaTrib-2022 under the aegis of the Tribology Society of India.

Tribology Society of India (TSI) is a premier professional society set up with a vision to spread awareness and practice of Tribology all across India. To fulfill this mission, the Society has been organizing International Conferences on Industrial Tribology biennially in different parts of the country, to enable the practitioners of tribology to discuss and showcase their work in various aspects of this multidisciplinary area.


Scope of IndiaTrib-2022

The focus of IndiaTrib-2022 are studies that are being conducted around the world in various disciplines which are all connected by the basic principles of tribology. The conference will highlight various innovative solutions and emerging technology trends in Tribology for improving life and productivity of machines and profitability to the Industry. The scope of the conference will include, but not limited to, the topics:


  1. Journal publication: Full paper can be submitted to the following three journals. The paper will go through the normal review process of the journal but they will be acknowledged as papers presented at IndiaTrib-2022. The journals are:
    Tribology Letters
    Tribology International
    Indian Journal of Tribology

  2. Paper in book: Paper (about 5-10 pages long in the template ) can be submitted to be published in a book. Selected papers (after review) from the conference will be published by Springer as a proceedings book volume. Springer will conduct quality checks on the accepted papers and only papers that pass these checks will be published.

    You can choose to publish either in one of the journals or in the book. Same paper should not be submitted to both options. Further information on the deadline will be provided.

Important Deadlines

Springer Proceeding Submission :
February 28, 2023
(Date extended from December 31, 2022)

Acceptance of Abstract :
Within two weeks of submission

Extended Abstract (3-pages) :
[OPTIONAL] September 30, 2022

Early Bird Registration :
September 15, 2022

Following student awards will be given during this conference:

  • Best Oral Paper
  • Best Poster Paper
  • Runner-up Oral Paper
  • Runner-up Poster Paper
The papers will be selected for these awards by a committee and the decision of the committee will be final. The important evaluation criteria will be the quality of extended abstract, innovativeness of technical content, research importance, presentation layout/slides, presentation skills and time management. The presenters of the papers to be considered for award must be a student of an university/institute at the time of presentation.

Young Tribologist Award (Sponsored by Taiho Kogyo Tribology Research Foundation, TTRF, Japan) (USD 500 equivalent in Indian Rupees to each awardee)

Five Young Tribologist awards for excellence in tribological research will be given during the conference. Selection will be made among registered presenters who satisfy the following criteria:

  • 36 years of age or below on 12 December 2022 (Date of birth should be 12 December 1986 or later)
  • Must not have received this TTRF award at any conference in the last five years
  • Must not belong to industry or for-profit organization
  • Must have registered for IndiaTrib-2022 with payment by 15 October 2022
  • Must submit Extended Abstract by the due date as mentioned on the conference website
  • Must apply for the award by submitting a filled form to the award selection committee (The form will be available soon through this website with submission instructions). Deadline 20 October 2022.