• Call for Oral and Poster Presentation

Engineers, scientists, academicians and practitioners in Tribology are invited to present technical papers in line with the theme of the Conference. Prospective contributors are requested to submit abstract of their papers in about 250 words latest by July 15, 2022 for review and selection.

All papers will be subjected to review by a Technical Committee and the decisions will be conveyed to the authors accordingly. Authors will retain the copyrights of the abstract submitted and it will be their responsibility to ensure that others copyrights are not infringed upon while submitting the abstracts.

A registered delegate can present either one oral paper or one poster paper or a combination of one oral and one poster papers. Please note that one abstract login will allow only one abstract to be uploaded. You can login with another email to upload the second abstract.

Abstract Submission   
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  • Publications

  1. Journal publication: Full paper can be submitted to the following three journals. The paper will go through the normal review process of the journal but they will be acknowledged as papers presented at IndiaTrib-2022. The journals are:
    Tribology Letters
    Tribology International
    Indian Journal of Tribology

  2. Paper in book: Paper (about 5-10 pages long in the template ) can be submitted to be published in a book. Selected papers (after review) from the conference will be published by Springer as a proceedings book volume. Springer will conduct quality checks on the accepted papers and only papers that pass these checks will be published.

    You can choose to publish either in one of the journals or in the book. Same paper should not be submitted to both options. Further information on the deadline will be provided.

Authors of selected papers can submit extended abstract (OPTIONAL) of their papers (up to 3 A4 size pages) latest by September 15, 2022.

  • Topics
  •       Tribology of Machine Elements
  •       Fundamentals of Friction
  •       Wear Mechanisms
  •       Surface Treatment & Coatings
  •       Adhesion, Contact Mechanics & Friction
  •       Lubrication, Lubricants & Additives
  •       Tribo-Testing
  •       Renewable Energy
  •       Wind Turbines
  •       Marine
  •       Automotive including Electrical Vehicles
  •       Space Applications
  •       Nuclear
  •       Nanotribology
  •       Bio-Tribology
  •       Tribology in Metalworking
  •       Tribology in Design & Manufacturing
  •       Tribology in Maintenance of Machinery
  •       Innovations in Tribology
  •       Tribology and Education
  •       Tribo-Corrosion
  •       Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications to Tribology
  •       Tribological Materials
  •       Green Tribology
  •       Drag Reduction in Miniature Flying Structures through Tribology
  •       Case Studies Related Social Impact of Tribology
  •       Tribotronics