Technical Exhibition

With a view to highlight the advancements made in the area of Tribology, it is planned to organize a Technical Exhibition along with the Conference. Lubricant & Additive Suppliers, Equipment Manufacturers, Tribology Specialists, Service Providers, Technical Book Publishers and related agencies are invited to participate in the Technical Exhibition to highlight their products and services. Exhibition space of about 3.0 m x 2.5 m will be provided to each Exhibitor. A fee of INR (₹) 90,000/- (USD ($) 1,300) (including GST) will be charged for each exhibition stall, which will be provided with adequate furnishing and basic illumination facilities. Each Exhibitor will be entitled to send one complimentary delegate to attend the Conference.

Business Meet

Manufacturers/suppliers of equipment, lubricants, additives and service providers related to Tribology are invited to the Conference to project their products, services and innovations through multimedia presentation in the special sessions called Business Meet. A fee of INR (₹) 70,000/- (USD ($) 1,000) (including GST) will be charged for each presentation of 30 minutes duration. One complimentary delegate from each of the participating organizations in this session will be allowed to attend the Conference.